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Monday, December 29, 2008

You Are Special LP [1972]

RUNNING TIME: Approximately 26:25
I came across this album among the stacks and stacks found at Record Exchange in St. Louis, MO. The vinyl and jacket are in excellent condition and I was very happy to discover that the original bonus poster was still inside and completely intact.

This is one of at least three variations of this release -- this one being the only one including the words "knows that" in the cover title. While one of my favorite parts of this album is the fun gibberish of Troll Talk, I was intrigued by the first two tracks on Side 2. For anyone, like myself, who doesn't speak French, Mister Rogers gives a brief explanation/translation of each song:

Il y avait une fois
"That song just means, 'Once upon a time in Paris there was a boy who played in the Tuileries Garden.' The Tuileries Garden is a place where people like to sail toy boats. Some of the boats are big toy boats and some are little toy boats."

J'aime prendre un bain
[Translating the song] "I like to take a bath. I like to take a bath. Because I like warm water and soap."

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