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Friday, February 13, 2009

Prosperous Interval of Time, King Friday

"The day of the week is Friday and the day of the month thirteen..." - King Friday XIII

What better way to celebrate King Friday's birthday than with the opportunity to hear King Friday XIII Celebrates for yourself?

Our neighbor Tony over at Way Out Junk is kindly hosting an mp3 version of this LP today as we pay tribute to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe's royal leader and wish him a "prosperous interval of time!"

1 comment:

Eric Scales said...

This record is interesting if you compare how Fred addresses some of the subject matter in more recent work. Besides the wish song mentioned above, the whole idea of owning stars and planets was addressed in the week on Celebrations, and the Opera "A Star for Kitty" (which maybe not so coincidentally used the tune for "Find a Star" as one of it's main themes). Watching that week of episodes as an adult, it's a little confusing what Fred's message is- I doubt it's too literal, though it seems like it could be an allegory about slavery (nobody can own a person), though except for the places where he really spells it out, the rest of the episode is pretty subtle about it.