Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Day in his Neighborhood

This past weekend I was contacted by a younger reader of this blog who expressed to me her deep appreciation for Mister Rogers and the effect his work has had on her life. Included in her email was a written tribute to Mister Rogers Neighborhood. With her permission, I'd like to share it with you today.

Title: A Day in his Neighborhood...
Written by: Sarah Jo

It's such a beautiful day in the neighborhood, as he walks through the door, a smile and a wave, goes down the steps and unbuttons his suit. He starts to sing and opens the closet door to get a cardigan from the rainbow of colours inside.He puts it on, just one sleeve at a time, zips up his sweater, handmade by his mother, he takes a seat, just in front of the stairs, and takes off his loafers in favor of some blue sneakers and you notice he has brought something to show you.

It's something you've never seen before today, it fascinates you, you are now entranced to find out what this wonderful thing could be, and he explains, every word you remember, you couldn't possibly forget, he tells you so well, then he shows you how it works, and it makes you smile to see a man of his age playing with play things, and then all the sudden, you hear a knock at the door!

Could it be Joe Negri? Chuck Aber? He looks out the window and sees that it's Mr. Mcfeely! Perhaps he has a speedy delivery? So he opens the door and greets the mailman, he has no package to give but they exchange some words with each other anyhow. Once they are finished the delivery man heads out the door and waves a loving goodbye to his friend and neighbor. He shuts the door and heads over to the Trolley for some make - believe. You listen just to hear the sound of it passing by him on the tracks, and as quickly as it comes it goes, and make - believe begins, when he finally comes back from his imagination, he tells of the morals meant to be learned.

Then it's time to feed the fish, he smiles at them, then he stares at you for just a moment, a little serious, and smiles again as he starts to sing his leaving song, and begins to take off all the stuff he put on after he first came in the door earlier and gets back into his formal attire he once wore. He picks up his toy he had also brought to show you, and tells you how you are special, and that there's no one like you in the whole world. He waves a humble goodbye, and promises to be back again, heads out the door, and you know in your heart that you are growing inside.


Anonymous said...

I was so excited to discover this blog! I was a Mr. Rogers fanatic as a kid...well, actually I'm still a Mr. Rogers fanatic at age 32. :-) I was so excited to find the clips on youtube. I love the "Key to Otherland" opera and the Conflict episodes. I'm planning to watch the snow people opera and the cows/potato bug opera. Do you know if the "All in the Laundry" opera is on youtube?
It's hard to find the clips sometimes because of all the various possible searches. (Mr./Mister Rogers, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, Mister Rogers's, etc.) Thanks again for all your hard work on the was a beautiful day in my neighborhood when I discovered all this great stuff that's come out on the web recently. :-)

Drew (

Eric Scales said...

What a nice tribute. Can you tell us the age of the author? It's gratifying that young people still enjoy Mr Rogers. I used to think that everyone liked Mr Rogers. Talking to other adults my age, that just wasn't true. Many kids of my generation didn't enjoy the show, they were exposed to it and it just didn't hook them. Then I began to wonder if I was in the minority, and was certain that kids nowadays would be even harder for the Neighborhood to engage. I don't know the percentages, but I guess within every population there will be some kids who will like it and some who don't. It's like the story of the kid throwing starfish back into the ocean, even though there were hundreds more than he could possibly save. It's not about how many you are unable to help, it's about the ones you can.

KuKuBeau said...

Hello, I'm the young lady who wrote this tribute,
and I'd just like to say thanks again for posting
it, and for all the mister rogers post, this is
the best place ever for anything Fred rogers!