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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Episode 0001 - Change [1968]

Original Air Date: February 19, 1968

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Sarah Jo said...

This one of the most amazing things I've ever
seen! I was in awe the entire episode, and I
love seeing the surrealism of the earlier ones.

Like Mr. Rogers being able to see make believe
thru a telescope, and the letter coming from
make believe via the trolley. But I love it!

Some things were just strange, like having to
fold out the bed before make believe, wearing
an overcoat to go out into town, and talking
about how he couldn't show the swing before,
or the furniture in the kitchen not being
the same, like there were episodes before that.

It was an amazing pilot to an amazing series!

From Neighbor Sarah Jo

Anonymous said...

Reason why he talk about furniture in the kitchen not being the same and swing is because that was not actual first episode. It was the first episode broadcast nationwide. Before that Nov. 1, 1966 was the first 30 minute program of Misterogers' Neighborhood. This was made for EEN known then as Eastern Educational Network. Only a few select ciies got to see these real early MRN programs. In these shows there was no regular intro with the toy model neighborhood. Instead it starts from inside his tv house with the Misterogers' Neighborhood logo appearing. On the make-believe portions they would use kinescope from CBC Misterogers since alot of people did not get to see Canada versions. It still would new for them.

The last program for EEN version was Apr. 7, 1967. Some of selected cities who got to see these versions include Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Schenectady. 100 programs were made between Nov 21, - Apr. 7, 1967. Serveral months later they started making the ones to be broadcast nationwide. The first episode for that was taped 09-21-67 i believe. Aired nationalwide 02-19-68.

I hope this helps you or any others who may have been curious about this. There is so much history with this show that pre-dates national episodes which makes it confusing to viewes who never got to see any of those!

Anonymous said...

Joe Negri has been on show far back as 1964. Rogers return from Canada WQED did a spin off that series. Instead of 15 minutes it was only 10 minutes. Joe Negri appear in the make-believe part and the set for make-believe looks like The Childen's Corner set which is amazing i thought!