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Friday, March 27, 2009

Episode 1578 - Making Mistakes

Original Air Date: May 6, 1987

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Eric Scales said...

This episode contains one of my favorite moments in my memory of the show. When Lady Aberlin sings "Sometimes I feel Like I'm a mistake" with Daniel it is so profoundly touching. Daniel's insecurity that what makes him such a sweet and lovable character might also define him as a mistake are so heartbreaking. Daniel wonders why he's not like everyone else and these are certainly feelings that many small children can sympathize with, espcially those with noticable disabilities. I wouldn't doubt that those children who did have these thoughts may never have expressed them out loud, and thus may never have had themselves reassured, as Lady Aberlin does, that nobody, no matter how different they may look on the outside, is a mistake. Fred Rogers had many disabled children on the show over the years and while he talked frankly and honsetly with them about their disability, the question of whether they were a mistake was never brought up, for obvious reasons. But the way this is done with Daniel and his confidant, in the safety of a make believe moment, is just beautiful. The cherry on top is the serious moment Fred has after make believe where he reiterates that "no person is a mistake. Everyone is just fine,". I wonder how many times Sid the Science Kid or one of the many other PBS shows now filling Mr. Rogers timeslot will bother to even suggest that.

TL said...

Eric...the last line of your comment is thus far one of my favorites yet.

Eric Scales said...

Thanks Tim. It bugs me that every kids show now feels it's necessary to teach what all the other shows have been teaching for years (ABC's, numbers, critical thinking) but so far nobody's found in necessary to teach the stuff that Fred knew was important.

Anonymous said...

the clip of daniel and lady aberlin singing 'sometimes i wonder if i'm a mistake' was shown to us by hedda sharapan as in a tribute to mr. rogers' impact & legacy (& just so much more), and i fell in love with it.

unfortunately, i cannot find this episode, and i wish i could. do you know where i would be able to find it?

(& great blog :D i'm really enjoying it. fred rogers is a hero.)