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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Episode 1489 - Play

Original Air Date: July 23, 1981

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Eric Scales said...

I love his idea to play the coronet in the mushroom cavern. It's exactly the sort of thing a child would do- obsessed with their latest toy they'd want to take it everywhere with them and keep trying different things with it. Though I assume he must have rehearsed everything with the employees of the mushroom farm, some of them seem to be having a hard time maintaining a straight face when he tells them of his plans to try his coronet in the mine. I also love how he takes the time (not just in this episode but in every other one too) to compliment each employee he meets and remind them how important their individual job is to the whole.

Anonymous said...

I can see now... watching from the "outside" so to speak... how he treats each person we met with with such deep respect. He could see how unique and important each person's relationship to their children and granchildren was and had a way of sincerely honoring that. When we came out of the mine there was a huge line of employees waiting for us who had gone to get their kids and grand kids in order to be able to meet him. I never saw anything like it!... with love... Margo Yoder

TL said...

Ms. Yoder -- Thank you for your comments. I could not agree with you more about Fred's respect for others. It is wonderful to hear from someone who experienced that first hand!

ClassicsProfBYU said...

I love Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Speaking as a parent, especially, who used to watch the show with the kids, I can say that Fred Rogers had a magical way of teaching by example. And "Picture Picture" was always so welcome and diverting.

This episode is the only one I own in copy from Family Communications. I purchased it because the elements of Mr. McFeely's character overlap nicely -- but completely inadvertently, I insist -- with the characteristics of the Greek god Hermes, and those become nearly evident in this episode. I cannot promote this idea without tongue in cheek. However, if ever Mr. McFeely draws close to that messenger, it is here in episode 1489.

TL said...

ClassicsProfBYU -- I can't say that my knowledge of Hermes was up to par so I did a little bit of reading and found your comparison to be quite interesting!