Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking Back and Looking Forward [1981]

Last weekend I mentioned finding a Mister Rogers LP as I was sorting through the inventory for an upcoming record sale. Well, the sale was yesterday and what a huge success it was! (The profits from the sale go towards a local non-profit service which provides news and information to the blind within our community.)

Either way, one more interesting item was found as I sifted through the boxes of records -- an Ella Jenkins LP from 1981.

While not an actual piece of Mister Rogers memorabilia, I was happy to stumble upon this record as Ms. Jenkins appeared as a Neighborhood guest on many occasions.

After spending twelve hours at yesterday's sale, I'm keeping this post short and spending the rest of the weekend relaxing. Maybe sometime I'll share some details about this album when I have a chance to give it a good listen.