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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Face for Henrietta

A Face for Henrietta

A big thanks to NeighborLaura for contributing some images of her Henrietta Pussycat figure from the 1977 playset. The figure I have has a majority of the face rubbed off so it is nice to see Henrietta's face on the Archive site!

Tenth Anniversary of the Final Series

This weekend marks ten years since the final series of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered. The Celebrates the Arts episodes first aired from August 27-31, 2001. To celebrate this anniversary, I'm definitely hoping to jump foward to those episodes this weekend to add them to the Archive site. If you have the means, take a look at these final episodes -- now ten years old -- and remember what wonderful things came from nearly forty years of Neighborhood visits.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Classics with a Side of "Zookeeni"

The Marathon Continues

In an effort to get through the complete episodes that I have on hand, the episode-detailing marathon continues! This past week I continued working through the classics I've got and as of this morning's information about Episode 1450, I'm through all of the pre-79 episodes that I have (Complete episodes, that is. I've still got tons of clips from other classics but I'll deal with those later).

Next up is the remaining modern (post-79) episodes. At the rate I've been going, I should be through them by the early October (if not sooner). After that, I have many ideas in store. The first think I'll be tackling, as I've mentioned before, are the cast and character pages. I'd like each page to not only include links to the episode appearances as they do now, but also some details about each person/character as well as some images and notes.

I realize this is going to be a significant undertaking but I'm hopeful that with the help of other long-time fans of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, this will come together quite nicely (and be a lot of fun in the process). We'll cross that bridge in a month or two. For now...more episode details!

The Flying Zookeeni Brothers

If you've never seen Episode 1449 or 1450, I highly recommend these if/when they might become available for purchase or if you can track down a copy in the meantime. Both of these episodes include the same performace by the Flying Zookeeni Brothers -- a troop of seemingly misfit performers. If you've seen the documentary, America's Favorite Neighbor, you've seen a short clip of this as Michael Keaton remembers his days of working with MRN.

If you were not aware, Michael Keaton was once Michael Douglas -- a member of the floor crew on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Thus far, I've only seen two instances where he appears on camera. The first being as a phone operator at the Neighborhood flea market in Episode 1435 and then as a member of the Flying Zookeeni Brothers in 1449 and 1450. The rest of the Zookeeni Brothers are made up of other members of the MRN floor crew.

In the same way that there is something oddly fascinating about Yo Yo LaBelle, I am equally intrigued by this wonderous "performance" by the Flying Zookeeni Brothers.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fall Plans and Mayor Maggie

One-a-Day and Future Plans

I'm back to trying my best to do one episodes summary each day and I'm hoping to get through all of the episodes that I currently have on hand within the next few months. It's not that I'm tired of doign the episodes summaries, as I continue to have a wonderful time watching most of these episodes for the first time in years -- but rather, I'm ready to start working on some of the other areas of the Archive site that I have planned. Many of these areas -- such as cast pages, character pages, etc -- I don't feel I can give my full attention to until I am through as many episodes as I possibly can be. The more episode information there is available, the more detailed the cast and character pages can be.

Hopefully later this fall, Neighborhood Archive readers will be willing to help me out as I start compiling information and details about the many Neighborhood characters. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my rapidfire pace of sharing these episode summaries. I've got at least another week or two worth of the classics to share before I tackle the remaining post-79 episodes.

Mayor Maggie

As for the classics shared this past week, if you didn't notice already, I'd like to point you towards Episode 1402 as we are first introduced to Maggie Stewart as well as her character of Mayor Maggie.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swing Low & Daniel's Neighborhood

A Busy Week

Wow! A busy week around the Neighborhood Archive! My thanks to Paul for sharing shots of the puppets recently added to the Merchandise section, to Lawrence for sharing scans of the box from the What About Love VHS, and to Josh for alerting me to the article links about the new Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood program.

Appearances Links

For such a busy week, I'm surprised I got this finished, but I was able to add links from and to all of the VHS and book entries in the Archive for any characters or cast who made appearances. The archival nerd in me is excited that the cross-catorization has increased!

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

If you're looking for a recommendation of an epidode to download from Amazon, I'm all about Episode 1663. Not only is this the last appearance of Francois Clemmons, but Mr. Clemmons delivers a wonderful performance of Swing Low Sweet Chariot at the end of the episode. Mister Rogers even joins in for a few lines.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Of course, the big news this week has been the details made public by the Fred Rogers Company about the new program hitting the airwaves next fall. While there have been mixed reviews among loyal readers of the Neighborhood Archive, I have to say, I'm beyond excited about this new show. With the original Neighborhood program fading into the television history books, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood sets out to carry on the message of Fred Rogers to a new generation of children -- the children of those of us who grew up with daily visits with Mister Rogers and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

In an ideal world, Mister Rogers' Neighborhood would continue to air daily on every PBS station across the country; however, with reality in mind, something new is necessary to carry Fred Rogers' message to today's children. My bias aside, I could not be more excited about sharing the legacy of Fred Rogers with my own children through Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood!

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