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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Episode 0020 [1968]

Original Air Date: March 15, 1968

Mister Rogers arrives with a model windmill given to him by a young friend who is having trouble getting it to work properly. Adding new batteries to the toy, Mister Rogers is able to repair the windmill before taking viewers on a pretend trip to a real windmill in the Neighborhood.

Judy Rubin stops by with a collection of windmills made by some Neighborhood children. She and Mister Rogers work together with a variety of craft materials to make windmills of their own.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Daniel Striped Tiger and Handyman Negri talk about Donkey Hodie's old habit of biting people. They wonder if King Friday's refusal to allow Donkey Hodie to build a windmill behind the castle is a result of his fear of being bitten. Handyman Negri sings Be Brave, Be Strong as he heads to the castle to talk with the King.

Upon arriving at the castle, Handyman Negri finds King Friday walking Mimus Polyglottos in the garden. When Donkey Hodie arrives, King Friday is clearly cautious of the Neighborhood's newest resident. Donkey Hodie explains that he no longer bites people and King Friday agrees to let him build his windmill behind the castle.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers talks about growing before he sings Then Your Heart is Full of Love.

For details and more screenshots from Episode 0020 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, visit the Neighborhood Archive.


Steven Simmons said...

That windmill Mister Rogers brings looks like the one that's in Someplace Else.

TL said...

Steve -- Very true. Although assuming it's the same one, I'm guessing some minor repairs had to be made. When the windmill crashed to the floor in this episode, Mister Rogers didn't bother picking it up. Make wonder about the damage done :)

Eric Scales said...

So does this mean that Someplace else is located behind the Castle? I always pictured it beyond Daniel's clock, though I'm trying to remember if the trolley ever went that way to the school or not.

Steven Simmons said...

Eric: During "Mister Rogers Goes to School", it appears that the Trolley goes along the castle tracks to get to Someplace Else.

Lawrence Martin aka llcoolmartin26 said...

Eric There are Trolley Tracks in Some Place Else They were used for the Potato Train The Trolley School Buss used those tracks during the Mister Rogers Goes To School week on Episode 1462 we see Handy Man go with Trolley School Bus to the tunnel and then after a speedy delivery from McFeely to Daniel Tiger From Lady Elaine we see the Trolley School Bus going along with Handy Man the Trolley School Buss is now on the potato train tracks hope this helps
your neighbor

TL said...

Interesting comments here. I'd never considered where Someplace Else actually was. I guess I always thought it was just...well...someplace else.

Steven Simmons said...

In episode 1618, Lady Aberlin shows Handyman Negri a map of the whole area, and Cousin Mary Owl shows another map of the area in episode 1676. TL, any way you can upload a photo of a map of the whole area in make believe?

Paul said...

Here are some pictures from 1618 and 1676. They both show that Someplace Else is to the East, however the letter in 1511 says that the NoMB is south of Someplace Else. I guess that was before Northwood was created.

Paul said...

Sorry, here are the pictures: