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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Episode 1001 [1969]

Taking a look at the first color episode from 1969, a couple of interesting things stood out to me. First, as you might remember, there was some discussion on here a while back about the pictures that hung in the kitchen on either side of the refrigerator. While those pictures occasionally over time, Episode 1001 featured a decent shot of the picture hanging to the left for the fridge at that time.

Also, you might notice the lack of color on the Museum-Go-Round. I'm not quite sure when color was added, but I'm curious to see if it's somewhere in the coming episodes when Lady Elaine moves in.

Okay...on with the episode itself...

Original Air Date: February 10, 1969

For details on Episode 1001 visit the Neighborhood Archive.


Scott said...

I remember when the MGR was painted...the grey probably was a left-over from the b/w days. The MGR was painted soon after LEF moved in. Thanks for the pic of the Castle. Very similiar to the b/w episodes, with some minor changes (like the XIII).

Eric Scales said...

Awesome! It's interesting that you mention it was a blue circle Fred brought? Did he specify it being blue? Even though the show was being produced in color, a large percentage of the audience was probably still watching on black and white sets.

TL said...

Scott -- I wondered if that was going to be the case. We'll see what the next several episodes in this sequence bring. I'm curious to see when the MGR actually gets painted.

Eric -- That's a great point. I was thinking that he did specify the circle's color but looking back at it, he does not.

Lawrence Martin aka llcoolmartin26 said...

I saw this Episode back in June of 2007 at The Paley Center for Media which back then was called TV and Radio Museum in NYC I believe that the Round Film on this episode was also seen on the test Pilot of Sesame Street that is seen on the Old School Sesame Street dvd set from 2007 It would be nice to see a few pictures of the film
your neighbor

TL said...

Lawrence -- I think you're right about the shape film shown on Picture Picture. I'll try and get an image or two added sometime soon.