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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shots of the Neighborhood Model

In addition to the Neighborhood of Make-Believe models and the opera episodes, it seems that one of the main topics that Neighborhood Archive readers find extra interest in is the model Neighborhood seen in the opening and closing of each episode. Most people have seen the modern Neighborhood models used in the later episodes, but what about the models from the program's first years? Going through these older episodes as I have been recently, I thought I'd take a break from the episode descriptions and take a closer look at these models.

Episode 0013 seems to provide the best look at the early model Neighborhood that I've come across so far. Below are a handful of screenshots from that episode's opening and closing sequences.

Here are a few from the Neighborhood showing how it was modified slightly for the 1969 episodes. These shots below are taken from Episode 1001, the first shown in color.


Steven Simmons said...

Great post! Something I'm wondering, any idea if the NET Logo faced the front in 68 the way it does in 69?

Scott said...

Great post. It would be interesting to develop a section of the Archive with side by side picture comparisons of the "work place" building (NET building), the blue/green/yellow buildings, Mister Rogers' house, the McFeely house, and a few other landmark places. It would be interesting to see the pics of the similiar locations in a row, maybe with a year caption underneath each one.

It would be interesting to do this same photo spread with the Castle and maybe the factory.

The original models sure looked flimsy to me...interesting that some of them stayed around initially while more colorful models were added in 1969. I wonder if these models are HO scale as the more "modern" models are.

Don't you love the "mountains" in the earliest model? Reminds me of's a very hilly city.

TL said...

Scott -- I'm hoping to get to that point eventually -- much like the character pages, I'd like to get location pages out there as well. I agree that it'd be very cool to look at the evolution of the various Neighborhood landmarks.

TL said...

Steven -- As you can see in the pictures (B&W are 1968 and color is 1969) it looks as though the NET building is in a slightly different location. Either that or maybe the buildings around it have moved/changed.