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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Episode 0055 [1968] - The Three Bears

Original Air Date: May 3, 1968


Mister Rogers arrives excited for the play -- King Friday, Goldilocks, Benjamin Franklin, and the Three Bears. Using a piece of yarn and a sock, he makes a puppet which he uses as he sings Today is a Special Day.

In the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, Lady Aberlin is in costume ready for her role as Mama Bear. She visits Daniel Striped Tiger who is ready to play the part of Baby Bear. As they are practicing their bear growls, Handyman Negri passes by on his way to put on his Papa Bear costume.

Stopping by the tree on her way to the castle, Lady Aberlin sings Looking For a Friend. At the tree, she helps Henrietta Pussycat put on a hair bow before X the Owl proudly reveals his Benjamin Franklin costume.

Back with Mister Rogers, he organizes his kitchen chairs and uses a cardboard box to create a theater for his sock puppet which he calls "New Little Lady."

In the castle's Stage Room, the play gets underway following a kingly introduction by King Friday XIII. The Bear family introduces themselves as Benjamin Franklin stokes the fire in the stove. The porridge he has made is too hot so the Bears leave their house while it cools. Goldilocks arrives singing Won't You Be My Neighbor and helps herself to the Bears' food, chairs, and beds. The Bears return to find Goldilocks sleeping in Baby Bear's bed. The tame Bears welcome Goldilocks into their home before they are all invited to join Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. The play concludes with a few final words from King Friday.

Back at the house, Mister Rogers encourages viewers to make a play of their own and sings Then Your Heart is Full of Love.

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