Sunday, March 3, 2013

"You Make Each Day a Special Day" Poster

Recently, a very cool poster showed up on eBay that sold for much more than I was willing to pay. Hoping someone else out there had this poster and would be able to provide me with some detailed images, I put a request out to Neighborhood Archive readers.

You certainly did not disappoint.

I heard from at least three (maybe four) readers who currently have this poster -- some who even have it framed in their homes. My thanks to Sean who was kind enough to share the images you'll see below.

It really is difficult to take in all that is featured in this poster from 1988. The designers/illustrators -- Maureen Rupprecht and Pat Sustendal -- have done a wonderful job capturing the major Neighborhood characters as they march through Make-Believe.

[click image for larger view]

What I love about this poster is that it doesn't just feature characters from one specific era of the show. Some characters were last seen in the 1970s and others were never mentioned until near the end of the show's production.

To the left you see Mister Rogers with Johnny Costa sitting at a piano over his shoulder.

On the far right, aboard the Trolley and leading the parade, you find the main characters from Make-Believe.

Following close behind are several human characters -- many of which appeared in both the real Neighborhood and the Neighborhood of Make-Believe.

In the background, in front of the castle and bringing up the rear, are several more characters from Make-Believe. This is where the attention to detail really comes in to play as you'll see some less familiar characters such as Mr. Skunk, the Frogg family, and even Carrie Dell sitting on her father's lap.

In the sky above the castle, Yoshi Ito is even there in King Friday's royal plane.

Such a fine piece of artwork for any Neighborhood fan. If anyone has one in good condition that they're willing to part with at a reasonable price, please let me know.


Galen Fott said...

Fantastic poster, and thanks for the high-res scan. How large is the poster?

S.Quinn said...

It's about 35 1/2" x 11".